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Shabby Chic Chandeliers

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Items 1 to 100 of 120 total

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Not Too Shabby

Shabby Chic refers to the form of interior design where furniture and furnishings are chosen for their age and signs of wear and tear. In the case of new items, they may be purposely distressed to get that antiqued appearance. This style is also characterized by a soft, minimalistic, almost feminine look which will differentiate it from regular vintage or antique décor styles.

Shabby Chic Chandeliers come in every color and vintage style, and in every finish, but with aged surfaces and muted colors. They have the look of a well used family heirloom that has been handed down through the generations. Most will have candelabra bulbs, possibly on candle sleeves with hand painted wax drips for authenticity. If the bulb is completely hidden, then you could use regular of high efficiency light bulbs.

Many of these Shabby Chic Chandeliers will have crystal or faceted glass pendants, or even swag features on them. They echo a time when crystal chandeliers were a display of wealth and status. While these types of Shabby Chic fixtures go well with Victorian homes, they can add style and grace to country themed or classic styled homes as well.

Table and floor lamps will have cloth lamp shades with faded patinas and yellowed, weathered looks. Heavy floral prints are very popular and can be seen in silk shades and painted finishes.  Think of the large floral patterns on couches and other upholstery in your Grandmother’s home and you are getting the idea.  Even velvet fabrics with fringe are popular material in this popular style.

Many wall sconces and other fixtures will have painted gold metallic bases and pieces that have been antiqued to look old.  This may include the use of crackle paint to simulate age and wear.  Some pieces may also have other small signs of wear like dings or dents.  These features all add to the charm and unique quality of the Shabby Chic design.   

There are some styles of Shabby Chic Chandeliers that are more feminine than others and these make great choices for boudoirs, vanities and upstairs hallways leading to bedroom. Wall sconces and mini chandeliers are good placements in these areas.  Especially with wall paper, these can complete a country charmed look anywhere you wish to use it.

However, not all Shabby Chic Chandeliers are so flowery and feminine, and many of those styles can look just like any other Antique Chandelier or vintage lighting fixture. For instance, also in the style of Shabby Chic are Wine Barrel Chandeliers. You may want to visit this section where you can see our complete collection of these unusual fixtures.  We also have a large selection of Vintage and Antique reproduction Chandeliers that may interest you as well.

If you are looking for lighting fixtures and Chandeliers that have a vintage feel, but not a new look, then Shabby Chic Chandeliers may be just the style for you. It lends itself well to almost any decor and will certainly help to beautify your home.

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