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Rustic/ Western Chandeliers

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Items 1 to 100 of 129 total

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That Rustic Look That Can't Be Beat

Are you looking for a just the right Rustic Chandelier for your ranch style home?  Or maybe you would like to add some Western themed fixtures to your home in the city?  There are many Rustic Chandeliers to choose from that will suit your style. Not all of them look like they just came for a western movie set, but many are faithful reproductions of that timeless look.  Materials are usually distressed and simple and harkens back to a time of hand made simplicity.

Many Rustic Chandeliers have shades that are made of natural or faux leather that have been overstitched with rawhide for an authentic look. They give off a warm glow that is a perfect with candelabra bulbs. Some of these handsome fixtures have lantern lights that may hang below, or sit on top for up or downward lighting. Some will also come with clear or frosted glass shades for brighter lighting requirements. Floor and table lamps are available for bi-directional and task lighting as well. Remember that for the Western Chandeliers that have lanterns hanging below the lighting arms you will need at least 30 inches from your table top or other surfaces.

Some of the motifs you will see in these types of chandeliers will be horse shoes, gold mining and barbed wire. They come in many finishes but wrought iron and other distressed finishes are common. Lighting arms tend to be open and may be attached with large open ‘O’ or ‘C’ rings for a forged-in-the- fire blacksmith look. These will connect to chain for an enhanced rustic look for your installation. You may even find the occasional horse or cowboy leaning on a fencepost.

For use in a dining room, you may want to choose one of these Rustic Western Chandeliers with brighter lighting options to better illuminate your guests and the room while dining.  You may want to install a dimmer switch and a remote control for a modern twist on your purchase. This way you can have the soft lighting you want while dining but have brighter light for other tasks. You may want to choose clear glass shades with candelabra bulbs for this use.

These beautiful Chandeliers are also available in rectangular or square shaped for large dining tables or open rooms. These will help you fill the available space with all the light it needs. If you have a large living room with a fireplace as a focal point, one of these large Rustic or Western Chandeliers would be a warm addition. To help illuminate the room, there are matching floor lamp and wall fixtures to brighten up any room.

If you are looking for Rustic themed chandeliers, you may also be interested in look at our collection of Wagon Wheel Chandeliers, Candle Chandeliers, Antler Chandeliers or Lantern Chandeliers for some more choices. Whatever style you choose, these unique lighting fixtures will enhance the beauty of your home and speak to your sense of style and history.

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