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Antique Chandeliers

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Items 1 to 100 of 131 total

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Antique Style Your Family Will Love

We carry an impressive amount of Antique Chandeliers that are reproductions of glamorous times past.  If a modern or contemporary style chandelier is not what you are looking for then you might want to consider an Antique Style Chandelier as well as other lighting fixtures. Many of these beautiful chandeliers will have crystal or faceted glass pendants and prisms to reflect the light all over the room.  They work well as up and down lighting, as well as ambient room light. 

Antiques are typically over 100 years old, but you can have the look of that time period with all the modern conveniences in a new lighting fixture.  Antique Chandeliers can come in Victorian, Maria Theresa, Classic Crystal, or Tiffany Chandelier styles. Please visit our complete chandelier collections in these styles for even more selections. Most of these styles were popular before the advent of electricity in homes and public spaces, so many will come fitted with candle sleeves and candelabra bulbs. 

Antique Chandeliers come in all shapes and sizes. Many of these fixtures can be large and accommodate multiple arms and lights or be as simple as just one arm with a few lights.  Smaller flush and semi-flush mount Antique Chandeliers may be the perfect solution for a room with a lower ceiling such as a bedroom. These are also good choices for hallways and entryways where you might not have the clearance needed for a larger chandelier. Think how pretty a flush mount swag crystal chandelier will make the refracted light dance of the walls and ceiling of a previously dark hallway. This can make your home welcoming and inviting from the front as well as when guests step inside.

You do need to be aware of the space you have to work with and make sure that you leave enough space for your new fixture. You will have to have at least 30 inches of clearance over dining tables and bars, and at least 7 feet of space from the floor to the bottom of any lighting fixture for an entryway or hallway. There are many styles that work will perfectly in the area you are trying to light.

Don’t forget to get matching accent lighting in the same Antique style you have chosen to complete your designer look.  If you want to light a hallway with matching wall fixtures, you will want to place them at a height of at least 60 inches from the floor and 6 to 8 feet apart.  If you are trying to fill a large area, the general rule of thumb is to fill at least one-third the space with the fixture of your choice.

While Antique Chandelier styles can encompass everything from spectacular to the understated, rest assured you will find exactly what you are looking for. With the coordinated look you can get with wall sconces, and table and floor lamps, your home can look like the pages in a magazine for a lot less than you might expect.



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