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Wrought Iron Chandeliers

69 Item(s)

69 Item(s)

Let Your Home Live With A Wrought Iron Chandelier

Wrought iron chandeliers give a bold and stark look to your room.  Their dark coloring and heavy duty look is quite stunning in a hotel, restaurant, lodge and even in a home setting.  You will be able to make a lasting impression on your guests and give a great appearance to your room.  At the Chandeliers Depot, you will find many wrought iron chandeliers to match to your business or home’s décor.

Be careful when you are choosing a wrought iron chandelier.  These tend to be heavier than other kinds of metal and you are likely to run into problems if your ceiling is not strong enough to support it.  As long as you have solid joists that you can mount the chandelier from however, you should be fine choosing one of our wrought iron chandeliers.

Our medieval chandeliers are a great choice when you are looking for a wrought iron chandelier.   There are quite a number of styles of these to choose from but the main style is relatively similar for all models.  A hammered ring forms the frame for the circular kinds of medieval chandelier.  The ring is suspended in the air using wrought iron chains, which are strong and look impressive.  Faux wax candles light up the chandelier and these are either stood on top of the ring or poised on top of spear headed candle holders.  We have some medieval chandeliers here at the Chandeliers Depot that have down lighting bulbs in the base of the candle holders too to give that little extra light to your room.  These chandeliers are a great choice for your home dining room or for an inn or restaurant.  If the round style of medieval chandelier doesn’t appeal to you, then our linear style of medieval chandelier is a good alternative.  The faux wax candles are instead stood on top of a hammered oblong wrought iron plate or poised on spear headed arms.  To add height to the chandeliers, you can choose one with more rings and more candles, which give a larger light fixture.

The gothic chandeliers in our collection at the Chandeliers Depot are created with wrought iron and the frames gracefully curve and twist to form a beautiful and ornate gothic style of the chandler.  From the base of the chandelier and indeed all around it are glass crystal droplets, which hang gracefully.  The chandelier is illuminated with faux candles.  Our gothic chandeliers have the option of choosing larger or taller chandeliers because some of the designs have more lights arranged in layers around the chandelier.  We have similar styles of wrought iron chandeliers that feature colored wrought iron flowers to give a feminine and delicate look to the chandelier.

When you are searching for the perfect wrought iron chandelier for your home or business, you should certainly browser our range of stylish chandeliers here at the Chandeliers Depot.  We have plenty of designs to choose from with tiered chandeliers too to give a grander look to your room.

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