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Wedding Chandeliers

67 Item(s)

67 Item(s)

Classsic Chandeliers Perfect For Any Wedding

Wedding Chandeliers are all that come to mind in beautiful Spring weddings. These classically styled lighting fixtures will make you think of tiered wedding cakes, ball gowns and floral arrangements. This style of chandelier can come in a variety of crystal colors and may even have matching fabric shades. They encompass many of our other Crystal Chandelier styles such as Swag Chandeliers, Vintage or Antique Chandeliers.

Typically you can expect pastel colors in pendants and glass prism drops. Many of our Wedding Chandeliers have beautiful silk shades on rose or pink hues to diffuse the light and give a warm, romantic glow to your room or entryway. Imagine how pretty these colors would be in a bedroom or dressing area. Crystals in smoky topaz are also popular and give a lovely golden glow to the area. The ambient light these colored prisms give off are always flattering to skin tones!

While most Chandeliers of this type are fairly large, they don’t have to be. There are some lovely semi-flush mounted Wedding Chandeliers that have a shorter drop for areas with lower ceilings. You will want to leave 30 inches above dining surfaces and at least 7 feet below to the floor in open spaces such as entryways and foyers. Some of these are perfect for long hallways that need illumination but not direct lighting.

The arms are generally scrolled into curves high above the center of the piece with more pendants and prisms. Most Chandeliers are fitted with candelabra bulbs and candle sleeves for an authentic look. Candle sleeves can also come in several finishes. To help refract the light even more, many of these crystal chandeliers will have crystal bobêches, or wax catchers, that have additional pendants or swags hanging from them.

Wedding Chandeliers will usually have several tiers, much like a wedding cake, and multiple lighting arms in a wide variety of finishes. Some may be brightly polished brass or chrome to help reflect light and some may be painted for more French Country charm feel. While it may sound odd, a black matte finish on a crystal chandelier with several arms can look very elegant and gives the piece a slightly modern twist.

There are few more modern looking Wedding Chandeliers that have the same color scheme but may have frosted glass diffusers or multiple rectangular prisms that hide the actual bulbs. These fixtures may be fitted with energy efficient LED blubs or regular florescent lights. How the bulbs are covered will effect whether the fixture is going can be used for up and down lighting, or only for bidirectional ambient room illumination.

Because Wedding Chandeliers come in several styles you may also want to consider buying wall sconces or other lighting fixtures that match for throughout your home for a coordinated look. There are even some Vintage and Antique style desk and floor lamps that will brighten a dark corner of a room and still give of ambient lighting for the room. Please visit our complete section in these other classic styles.


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