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Vintage Crystal Chandeliers

81 Item(s)

81 Item(s)

That Vintage Style Of A Crystal Chandelier

Vintage crystal chandeliers are a great choice when you want to add a touch of elegance and class to your room.  Here at the Chandeliers Depot, you will find a great range of vintage crystal chandeliers amongst which, you will find the perfect fixture for your home or business.

Choose a vintage style elaborate chandelier if you are looking for a slightly wider vintage crystal chandelier. One particular model of these styles of chandelier features beautiful antique brass finish faux candles that adorn the antique brass frame.  Crystal glass decorates the chandelier as the stem forms a bold and bright centerpiece for your room.  The candles on this fixture are mounted on ‘s’ shaped arms, which emanate gracefully from the centre of the chandelier.  The vintage finish of the frame, coupled with the beautiful Italian style theme really brings charm and character to any room.

A cascading vintage crystal chandelier can be another perfect choice for your home or business.   The crystal glass droplets are carefully cut in your choice of crystal cuts and these hang gracefully from the frame.  The layers are stacked within one another, with the narrowest at the lowest point.  This beautiful style of vintage crystal chandelier is very popular, and it is available in both circular and rectangular shapes.

If you are not too keen on the cascading style but still want a chandelier that is heavily adorned in crystals, we have several box like vintage crystal chandeliers here at the Chandeliers Depot.  The layers of these chandeliers are stacked evenly on top of one another rather than within each other.  Choose an icicle style jagged lower edge, or a smooth base edge to achieve the desired finish for your room.

Whilst the cascading style of chandelier can look great in some rooms, another style of Vintage crystal chandelier is our caboche style of chandeliers.  These are made up of large glass globe like crystals, which are arranged carefully in a ring like shade.  The round glass globes are great for creating a bright and well-lit room because they catch the light from the centre of the shade and scatter it in all directions.  The shade curves slightly at the top and the base to give a pretty style and the whole look of the chandelier is like that of a pendant.  You can choose between clear glass versions of this chandelier or a yellow colored caboche chandelier.

Other vintage crystal chandeliers that we have in our collection include our candelabra style chandeliers.  These have gently sweeping arms which each hold up a faux wax candle, which gently lights up the room.  From the base of the chandelier and from the candleholders hang glass crystal droplets, which finish off the look of these beautiful chandeliers that are available with a variety of finishes for their frames.

You will be able to find a wide variety of vintage crystal chandeliers here at the Chandeliers Depot with the option to customize your choice of chandelier and choose one that will fill your space perfectly too.

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