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Tropical Chandeliers

2 Item(s)

2 Item(s)

Take A Tropical Vacation With One Of These Chandeliers

If the trade winds are calling to you, then you may want to fill your home with a Tropical Chandelier and other lighting pieces to satisfy your wanderlust. Traditionally, island motifs such as Pineapples were a sign of welcoming home for returning ships and travelers. Now, there are a myriad of other Tropical themed lighting fixtures and chandeliers to choose from in this same style to make your guests feel welcome in your home.

Tropical Chandeliers can have not only pineapples, but many will come with large representations of banana leaves, particularly in ceiling fans. They lend themselves well to this purpose and will often be combined with shades that look like they are made with canvas, bamboo or other natural materials. There is even a safari line whose hallmark of vines, leaves and flowers from the Amazon rain forest are truly beautiful. They have amber crystal pendants that resemble flowers and give off a lovely warm ambient light.

Aside from ceiling fans, there are many Tropical Chandeliers and a wide variety of table, desk and floor lamps with rattan, bamboo and silk shades that look almost like they are from a movie set. What a beautiful addition to your living room!  If you have already chosen an overhead light in this style, then you may want to brighten a dark corner with a Tropical floor lamp. They are perfect for task lighting for reading in your favorite chair.

Tropical fixtures can also be as simple as a textured silk shade with leaves, flowers or a bamboo print or have painted island plants on the ceramic base as in a desk lamp. Two of these table lamps on side tables by your couch can make the space warm and inviting, even in a living room where there is no overhead lighting. We might think of this style as more casual one, but they can also be very formal such as for a dining room. These Chandeliers can still have cut crystal shades or pendants and drops that would be grand enough for any foyer or entryway.

There are also some Art Nouveau inspired Chandeliers and fixtures with curling vines and iridescent tulip shades that are considered part of the safari or jungle motif. If you are interested in tulip styles please visit our Art Nouveau or Tiffany Chandelier sections for more selections. There are also some lovely choices in our garden themed Twig Chandelier section.

Because many of these Tropical fixtures have shades or opaque diffusers, they may be more appropriate for up or down lighting or general ambient room illumination. But there are many with crystal globes or shades, particularly in the Pineapple theme that would be perfect for brighter lighting. If you use one of these beautiful pieces in your dining room, you could have it installed with a dimmer switch which will allow you to lower the light for dining and brighten it for other uses in the room.  There are also pendant lights and floor lamps that will work well for task lighting.

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