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Industrial & Commercial Chandeliers

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Items 1 to 100 of 223 total

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Chandeliers Are Not Only Made For Homes

If you are looking for just the right chandeliers and lighting fixtures for your business, you will find everything you need right here. Whether you need to create a relaxing dining ambiance for a restaurant or task lighting for an office, the choices are many and the possibilities are limited only your imagination.

We have hundreds of lighting fixture choices for office and retail spaces and all the additional fixtures you will need to complete the job. Just about any style you are looking to use will be available in multiple sizes and to fit your needs. For example, if you choose a modern mid-century style for a retro look, you will be able to find large Chandeliers for your entryway or waiting room, bathroom overhead and wall fixtures, wall sconces for hallways and even outside lighting for walkways and other exterior surfaces.

First you will need to determine the function of the areas that require lighting. This, in addition to the style of the building or interior design will begin to eliminate some choices and make others good candidates for use. If you need lots of illumination in a work area such as a warehouse, you will need strong overhead ceiling lights that eliminate dark spots and that are energy efficient for long hours of use. If, on the other hand, you are looking to choose lighting for a conference room, you may want to choose lighting that is easy on the eyes, can be dimmed for electronic presentations, and makes a beautiful statement in the space.

There are also many utilitarian light needs you need to consider with any commercial building. These can include exit signage, emergency lighting with battery back-ups, parking lot lights for safety and outside lights that can be put on timers or automatic light-sensitive controls.

Some of the lighting needs of restaurants and hotels can be very similar to those used in homes. If you want to make a grand statement in an entry way, then there is nothing more beautiful than a large Crystal Chandelier. These come in many styles from Antique to Contemporary and will add grandeur to any space. For restaurants with lower level illumination needs for dining areas, there are many lovely choices in pendant lighting and wall sconces that will enhance your customers’ dining experience while still allowing them to see the bill. There are Wine Bottle fixtures and Murano Glass pendants as well as Colored Crystal wall sconces and fixtures that will add to the décor of any eating establishment.

In office spaces there are many considerations, but the greatest should be the comfort of the employees that have to work there. There are many choices for overhead lighting, not only in recessed or Chandelier lighting fixtures, but in your choice of bulbs. There are LED lighting bulbs that mimic natural light for truer rendering of color and these can also help reduce eyestrain due to glare. This is especially important when you add in all of the flat screen computer monitors that the employees will have to use for many hours a day.


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