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Gothic Chandeliers

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Items 1 to 100 of 293 total

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Indulge In The Dark Side

If you want to make a big statement in your entryway or foyer then a Gothic Chandelier may be your best choice. These substantial lighting pieces usually all have one or a series of arches that are pointed at the top just like a gothic cathedral. These may be seen in areas as simple as the shades or diffusers of wall sconces, may be the main theme in a large iron Chandelier with pillar candles. The finishes on lighting arms and platforms are almost always a wrought iron look. Gothic Chandeliers have simple lines, or may be in the shape of that familiar cathedral arch.

There are some other styles of Chandeliers that would fall into this category style and you may want to visit our sections on Faux Candle Chandeliers, Old World Medieval Chandeliers and Candle Chandeliers for some additional inspiration. No matter which type of Gothic Chandelier you choose it is sure to enhance the space it is in.

In addition to the theme of cathedral arches, you will frequently see stained glass, or frosted glass diffusers and shades to enhance the light given off by the piece. If the bulbs are exposed they will usually be candelabra bulbs for an authentic candle look. However, if the bulbs will be completely covered you may find that regular bulbs will better suit your needs. Traditionally for up and down lighting, you will find Gothic fixtures good choices for task lighting next to chairs, or on side tables next to couches.

Many of these large Gothic Chandeliers have pillar candelabra lights in them for an old world look. These are a particular kind of faux candle that has large white diffuser sleeve that will glow with the bulb inside. They may be 3 inches in diameter and 6 to 8 inches tall. These types of pillar candles on Gothic fixtures are generally for up lighting and ambient room illumination. They will be perfect for dining rooms, entry ways and foyers.

If you are trying to light a darkened hallway, you may want to get matching wall sconces and flush mount chandeliers to complete your cathedral styling. There are also desk, floor and table lamps available in this same style that will help you coordinate the look of the room. Since many of these Gothic Chandeliers can be large, and if they have wrought iron they may be quite heavy. If this is the case then you might want to have them, professionally installed.

 If you don’t have tall ceilings, you may want to choose a smaller flush or semi-flush mount Gothic Chandelier. These will leave you with the required 7 feet of clearance from the floor to the bottom of the chandelier. The weight will also be greatly reduced, making them easier to install. If you will be using a Gothic fixture for your dining room or over a bar, make sure that there is at least 30 inches of space above the table surface, so it doesn’t get in anyone’s way.

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