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Faux Crystal Chandeliers

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Items 1 to 100 of 293 total

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Look Just Like Real Crystal Chandeliers

If you desire the look of a classic Crystal Chandelier, but not the weight or the cost, then a Faux Crystal Chandelier may be just the item for you. Faux Crystal fixtures may have acrylic, Lucite or faceted glass pendants in place of leaded crystal. All will help to reduce the costs of the piece in comparison to a cut Crystal or Leaded Glass Chandelier. The main advantage to these cost effective alternative lighting fixtures is the reduced weight they offer, particularly in Lucite or Acrylic. Please visit our sections in both of these options for a complete selection.

Of course, another big difference between crystal and acrylic or Lucite is also going to be light refraction. While not as clear and perfect for reflecting the bulbs light, faux crystals will still give a lovely ambient illumination to any room in which you choose to use it. They can also come in a side variety of colors which will tone down the light. Also, these Faux Crystals need a little more care when cleaning as they are made of a very soft material and are prone to surface scratches.

Are you having an outdoor event?  A Faux Crystal Chandelier can lend an immediate sense of style and grandeur inside a wedding tent or other temporary venue. Generally for ambient or up lighting, they will beautifully illuminate the inside space. They are easy to install and because of their lighter in weight can be used where a large Crystal Chandelier cannot. Imagine how surprised your guests will be to see your event tent transformed into a formal venue!

These versatile Chandeliers and fixtures can have the classic look of several tiers and multiple lighting arms, which will include many pendants, drops and even swags or garlands. There are also many that are very modern or contemporary in design. There are many Faux Crystal cascading Chandeliers for commercial applications that would be perfect in hotel or theater lobbies where only a small amount of ambient lighting is called for.

Many of the modern Faux Crystal Chandeliers will have high efficiency LED bulbs with shades or diffusers and the classic Chandelier styles may have candelabra bulbs with matching finishes on sleeves and bobêches. These candle lights will complete your Vintage or Antique Chandelier choice quite nicely. Don’t forget wall sconces and desk or floor lamps in Faux Crystal to match for a coordinated look.

While many of the Faux Crystal Chandeliers are large and will require enough space to properly hang them, there are also flush and semi-flush mount fixtures to make it possible to use in rooms where ceiling space is limited. Remember that you will need to leave at least 30 inches above dining tables and other surfaces and at least 7 feet from the floor to the bottom of the chandelier for proper clearance. You can even have them installed with dimmer switches to lower the light during dining, but brighten the room for other tasks. The possibilities are endless with these versatile Chandeliers.






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