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Cottage Chandeliers

12 Item(s)

12 Item(s)

A Perfect Chandelier For Your Cottage

Cottage chandeliers are a homely and welcoming style of chandelier to choose for your home or lodge setting.  Here at the Chandeliers Depot, we have many of these cottage chandeliers that you can choose from. 

Our stunning branch like cottage chandeliers look like a pine branch hanging gracefully in the air.  Elegant bronze branches decorated with pine like leaves sprout from the trunk of the chandelier.  From the branches hand 4 lanterns made from silver mica panels to illuminate the whole fixture.  These add a welcoming and inviting theme whilst giving a natural and outdoorsy look too.

For something a little heavier and bolder, our amazing oil lamp chandelier is a great choice.  This chandelier features a wheel at its centre in copper.  It is suspended by chains and hung from the chains are 6 oil lamp inspired lanterns.  Through the glass of these lanterns, you can see the faux wax candles that at inside each one of them, and a neutron style wire surrounds unusually each candle.

You will find these and many more cottage chandeliers in our range here at the Chandeliers Depot so that you can create a rustic and welcoming theme in your home.

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