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Mini Chandeliers

98 Item(s)

98 Item(s)

Mini In Style, Big On Elegance

Despite their name, Mini Chandeliers are not small on style. Although they are typically less than 20 inches in diameter, Mini Chandeliers can still make a large impact on the area you wish to illuminate. Available in an impressive array of styles and shapes, they can echo your choices in other parts of your home. For instance, if you choose a traditional crystal chandelier for your foyer, you could add mini chandeliers that match in the hallways to properly illuminate them as well.

Mini chandeliers are available in just about any style and finish, from traditional, to crystal, to modern. You can get them in Mission, lantern, Art Deco or virtually any other genre. Like their larger cousins, depending on the placement and your lighting needs they can be bi-directional or used as up and/or downward lighting. Mini Chandeliers can be installed with dimmer switches to accommodate areas that may need less light during the day and more in the evening hours.  Think how pretty a mini Chandelier would like with just enough light to make it sparkle in your foyer during the day, but then can be turned up to completely illuminate the room for guests.

For a narrow hallway, the diameter of the chandelier should be no greater than one-third the total width of the ceiling space. This makes the Mini Chandelier a perfect choice for these traditionally dark narrow areas. Virtually any place you would like to place a hanging pendant or fixture can accommodate a mini chandelier. Even a forgotten corner of a large living room can be brightened by a Mini Chandelier that would match a larger one somewhere else in the home.

These versatile lighting fixtures can be used to more efficiently light smaller spaces with high ceilings. In these areas flush mount or semi-flush mount fixtures will be too close to the ceiling and not properly illuminate the room. A Mini Chandelier can lower the level of light so that it doesn’t overpower, but doesn’t leave any dark areas in the space. This can help eliminate the need for more lighting such as additional wall sconces in a dark hallway, or floor lamps in an entryway.

For smaller dining rooms, a Mini Chandelier can transform the space into a much more formal look without overpowering it with a traditionally sized crystal chandelier.  Many of these can be installed with dimmer switches for a lower level of lighting for dining. You can even have the added convenience of a remote control to help achieve this effect.

A good choice for bedrooms, Mini Chandeliers give off a feeling of warmth with soft lighting while lowering the level of illumination off of the ceiling. They can be placed over vanities, in dressing areas and in seating areas. Just make sure that you have at least 30 inches of space over tables and countertops for these types of fixtures. They will complement and enhance any room décor, especially with matching wall sconces, for a perfect designer look. 

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